Fast Removals Cardiff offer includes a number of services tailored to both individual and business customers. Fast Removals Cardiff carry out comprehensive local and foreign removals, we transport heavy machines, safes, pianos, fish tanks and other heavy and not so heavy goods. The flexibility of the services we provide means that every customer can find a service that meets their needs.

Individual Clients
Fast Removals Cardiff provide individual clients with high-quality removal and transport services, which include:

  • Local Removals
    In short, local removals include moving, securing, transporting and bringing customer belongings to a designated place. Additionally, on request and depending on the client’s needs, Fast Removals Cardiff team dismantles and assembles the furniture, additionally secures belongings with a special protective foil, packs and unpacks things from the cartons.
  • International Removals
    Fast Removals Cardiff performs professional and comprehensive removals throughout the European Union. Because the change of your country of residence is not an easy thing to do, in the case of international removals, we offer a visual inspection and a comprehensive valuation of the service. Our representative will visit you at a convenient time, plan the move with you and provide you with all the necessary information.
  • Piano Transport
    In addition to standard removals, Fast Removals Cardiff also specialise in the transport of pianos. We only use special belts to secure the instrument and the transport is carried out by properly trained employees. Because the cost of transporting the piano depends on its weight, distance of transport and the conditions of loading and unloading, each of these services is priced individually.
  • Furniture¬†Transport
    Fast Removals Cardiff , in addition to comprehensive removals, also deals with so-called small removal services. We transport single furniture, segments, sofas, desks and antiques. We can also easily transport household appliances: washing machines, dishwashers and refrigerators (including two-door Side By Side refrigerators). We can pick up and deliver any item purchased online. In addition, with a small amount of items (for example transport of the washing machine) we offer favourable price discounts.

Business Clients
Fast Removals Cardiff offer includes services addressed in particular to business clients, taking into account the current needs of the sector of small and medium enterprises and state institutions, which includes:

  • Company Relocation
    Changing the company’s headquarters is usually quite time-consuming and involves significant difficulties in its functioning. It is worth minimising the adverse consequences of moving, leaving it to professionals. Fast Removals Cardiff offers a visual inspection and a comprehensive valuation of the service. We are able to adjust the dimensions and number of cars and the size of the removal team to customer requirements, thus shortening the total time of the move.
  • Safes Transport
    Safes and safe cassettes belong to the necessary equipment of each company. Because it is a heavy load, only a qualified team can deal with it. Fast Removals Cardiff has exceptionally physically fit people with specialist knowledge and skills that allow them to safely transport this type of equipment. In addition to the transportation itself, we also offer professional installation of safes and safes. Transport, delivery and assembly are priced individually, depending on the weight of the item being transported and the availability of the unloading place.
  • Heavy Machines Transport
    In the case of transporting machinery, special equipment, preparation and knowledge of transporting staff are necessary. These devices are often heavy and bulky overall size. Fast Removals Cardiff has thousands of such orders on its account, which is why we are able to perform this service quickly and efficiently. As in the case of safes, this order is priced individually.