Two Weeks Before Moving

Two weeks before moving

Review your personal belongings such as clothes and books. Decide which ones you want to take with you and which are useless. Moving is the best time to get rid of the things you don’t need. Unnecessary and suitable for further use clothes, books or toys can be given to local charities supporting the poor and those in need.

Plan the care of children and pets on moving day. The best solution is to drop off their children to family or friends. The presence of each additional person when moving could cause difficulties and delays in the implementation of the move.

Stop buying food products with a longer shelf-life. Try to eat enough exactly on the move, often supplementary stocks but in smaller quantities. Carrying groceries requires a thorough packing and security, and in addition it does not guarantee to deliver them in suitable form for consumption.

A week before the move

Complete or change the delivery address of all deliveries to your home such as subscriptions to periodicals.

Discover nearest surroundings of your new home. Find out where are the most basic needs such as the nearest grocery store, pharmacy, gas station or a health clinic. It is good to also check out the exact location of new offices and branch of your bank.

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