Why we should help you ?

Fast Removals Cardiff – Why Should you choose us?

After making a final decision of moving, no matter if it’s moving house in Cardiff or moving to another city, there are certain questions that many of our customers ask themselves before the removal. Below we point out some things that you need to consider when you decide to move:

  • Do you want your belongings professionally packed at your old address?
  • What is your budget for the entire removal?
  • Would you like your belongings unpacked in your new home and then assembled or would you prefer a door to door service?

Fast Removals Cardiff customers often ask these questions before they undertake their removal, which is why we appoint you with your own removal coordinator. They will answer all of these questions and help with any concerns you may have like: packing, transit and unpacking.

The Moving Options available at Fast Removals Cardiff :

  1. Fast Removals Cardiff Economic Removal
    Some of our customers prefer to pack their own belongings as they feel that it is quite a personal thing to do. In instances like this we happily provide all of the packing materials to ensure that you can pack your items in a safe and secure manner ready for transit.
  2. Fast Removals Cardiff Standard Removal
    Some customers are more than happy to pack the majority of their belongings such as their clothing but are not so happy packing their valuable or fragile items, such as the lounge mirror or a family heirloom. In these cases we provide you with the packing materials to safely pack the majority of your belongings and then for your valuable items you can put your trust into the hands of our removals experts.
  3. Fast Removals Cardiff Comprehensive Removal
    If you are very unsure of the packing process or you think that the task is just too big for you then why don’t you entrust it to our experts to professionally pack the entire contents of your house for a stress free move.

Remember if at any time you need storage for any of your items this is easily taken care of because we offer safe and secure storage facilities for all of our customers.  We can offer competitive prices on all aspects of the relocation from our packing services through to storage.  If you are finding the cost of moving quite expensive when you really need to save as much as you can then simply follow our top tips below to help bring the cost of moving down:

1. The best rule of what to take with you when moving is – take it if you use it.  We advise that you either sell unwanted or unused items to raise money for the removal or donate it to those who would appreciate it.  You often forget just how much you collect over the years, hidden in garages or the attic and it all needs to be moved.  However to save time and money sort through all of this way in advance of the removal, less to pack, less to pay.

2. Ensure that you hire a company such as Fast Removals Cardiff who are fully licensed and insured.  We pride ourselves in our excellent reputation, if you cut costs on the removals company it can often lead to more expense due to unexpected charges or avoidable breakages.

3. Try to avoid peak season or weekends and school holidays, as these tend to be the most expensive times to relocate.  Sometimes our customers prefer this as they get to choose the times that they prefer for the move, as there is more choice available to them.