1 month before removal

A month before the move – start working.

Notify all persons close to you, as well as offices and institutions that may be interested in your new address, new data for correspondence. Remember also to a bank or an insurance company, which may try to contact you. Make a decision on the selection of a particular moving company. Book a deadline for removal and sign the contract execution removal, which will incorporate all the relevant details of the service (term, price, scope of work).

Plan your day off from work. If your job requires constant contact with the office, get a replacement on its place and tell your employer exactly flooding your absence and possible obstructions in touch with you on this day.

Try to terminate all the contracts for the supply to your home, or change the material terms of these agreements involving the change of delivery of products or services. The basic agreements are those concluded with media providers such as telephone, cable television and the Internet, as well as those associated with gas, water or shock. Typically, the contract has a one-month notice period so you avoid paying for services that you no longer use.

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