1 day before removal

On the day before the move you have to be ready

Finish definitely packing. Prepare a separate package for the most valuable items and pack them in a way that will allow you constant control over them.

Prepare the most important documents you should have with you all the time and find them a safe place where you will have instant access.

Prepare to transport a fridge and a washing machine. Remember, the defrosting refrigerator may take several hours, and washing machine before moving requires draining the water supply cables.

Remember to remove the panels electronic equipment or other items which, during transport can damage the equipment. If you are carrying a printer, be sure that the toner in laser machines are prone to spilling when moving the unit. It is better to remove it and clean the tightly packed than later unit of measure.

Moving day – the final moment

Be present during the move, at any time to be able to answer the questions of workers moving company. Do not try to help with the packing – put yourself in the role of the person responsible for making decisions.

Consider whether any items do not require special treatment, for which workers moving company may not know.

After leaving the old premises by staff check to make sure nothing escaped the attention of staff and not left in a place hidden from the eyes of packaging.

Inform the truck driver about the details of directions to your new place of residence.

Any question – please call to our removals company in Cardiff -> 07963861108 (Peter)