3 weeks before removal

The work you can do by yourself three weeks before the move.

Ask the moving company to provide packaging for the packaging of these items of equipment for the packing will be responsible on their own.

Prepare for an apartment that you are leaving, to transfer to the new owner. If it requires minor repairs before putting it in the hands of a new user, this is a good time to take care of their conduct.

Prepare furniture to move them to the new location. Shake carpets and rugs, sofas and wash thoroughly clean the larger furniture in such a way that in the new apartment can immediately use them without the need for work immediately after the move. You will then have other important activities that will be occupied your head.

Start collecting in one place the most important documents for your family such as insurance and insurance cards, medical records, deeds or other certificate. In the new home you have access to them immediately after the move.

Start organizing the basement, garage and other places that you use occasionally. First make up your mind to things you want to take with you and then make a decision what to do with those who do not want to be transported to a new location. Remember that it is always a part of them you can give friends and convey various types of institutions and in the worst case, to throw away or sent for disposal.

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