Two Months Before Moving

Start preparing two months before moving.

Prepare a comprehensive plan for your new apartment or home. Decide which items will go to which room and mark the boxes accordingly. You need to  carefully assess whether you have enough space in your new location for all the things you want to take with you. Make sure large items such as fish tanks, TV units and bed frames will fit in through the main door etc.

Start browsing your through your belongings and write down the items you want to with you to the new place. This will facilitate discussions with Fast Removals Cardiff and accurate determination of the cost of removal. Such inventory will also be an invaluable aid during the moving when locating all the items that need moving.

Start looking for moving companies. Ask your friends, who may have moved recently and find out if they can recommend a contractor for future services. You can also search the Internet and find out the opinions on specific companies.

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