Keeping your belongings safe

Here at Fast removals Cardiff we have your best interest at heart. We are always thinking of new ways of improving our services and improving the safety of your belongings. Moving house is a difficult task and can cause a lot of distress. We are happy to announce that all our vans are now using tracked using GPS technology. Without going into boring details all it means for our customers that the van or a truck which will be moving their belongings can be tracked from our office at any time. Your expensive tv, pc or any other important and valuable items will be safe and secure. We can track any of our vehicles from the start point to the final destination of your move.
How it works?
All our vehicles are fitted with vehicle tracker which uses GPS (global positioning satellite) technology to transmit geo-location data from our vehicles to a vehicle tracking software.

To give you an extra peace of mind below you will find details of our insurance. The insurance we hold means that your belongings are also insured. Fast Removals Cardiff have your best interest at heart and we are working constantly to make a challenging time of moving as pleasant and stress free as possible.