House & Flat Moving

Fast Removals Cardiff primarily deals with the relocation of private individuals in Cardiff and surrounding areas. In this area we are ready to carry out your move within one hour of initial contact. Fast Removals Cardiff works flexibly and unconventionally. We approach each client individually, taking into account various life situations.

Removals of flats and houses in Cardiff are the most frequently carried out removals by our company. We know everything about moving houses. Call us now and get your free quote!!!
Have a look at the following questions to help us imagine your move, so we can match the right amount of people, materials and tools that may be needed, and we’ll estimate how long your move will take.

When do you want to move?
What kind of move are you interested in? (comprehensive, standard or economic removal)
How many people are moving?
What furniture will be going with you?
Are there any furniture which will need dismantling?
Where from and where to are you moving?

Packages available:
Economic Removal will require you to secure your items for transport. In this option, Fast Removals Cardiff only deals with the removal of your belongings, transport, and bringing them to the destination. In the economic version of the move, Fast Removals Cardiff does not provide any material to protect your belongings. The moving van will be equipped with transport blankets, tools for the possible dismantling and assembly of furniture, and other tools ensuring safety of your belongings.

Standard Removal
option means that You will only pack small things into boxes and bags (books, documents, clothes, glass, cosmetics etc). Fast Removals Cardiff will take care of the furniture dismantling and assembly, the furniture security, the removal of all your belongings, the transport and bringing them to the destination. The van will be equipped with transport blankets, tools for dismantling and assembly of furniture, and transport trucks. In the standard version of the move our employees are equipped with a stretch film, which:
– protects furniture against weather conditions,
– helps stiffening of furniture construction,
– prevents the furniture door from opening,
– prevents the drawers from sliding.

Comprehensive Removal option requires You to just open the door and let Fast Removals Cardiff in, the rest of the work belongs to us. We will pack all the small things in boxes and bags, dismantle and assemble the furniture, secure the furniture, put everything into moving van, transport all your belongings and bring them to your new home or flat. The price includes all security materials such as boxes, tapes, wrapping paper, stretch film, bubble film, blankets, belts and other materials.